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  • PPRP MPs to hold royalist activities 22 octubre, 2020
    The ruling Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) will ask its MPs to organise activities in their constituencies to show loyalty to the monarchy.
  • Two killed, many injured by gas pipe explosion in Samut Prakan 22 octubre, 2020
    SAMUT PRAKAN: Two elderly women were confirmed killed and 28 other people injured when a PTT gas pipe exploded in a ball of fire in Bang Bo district on Thursday afternoon.
  • Germany, Spain risk losing control as cases hit records 22 octubre, 2020
    Germany and Spain risk losing control over the coronavirus, health officials warned, as new infections climb to records across Europe and governments scramble for an adequate response.
  • UK-EU Brexit talks back on as clock ticks to trade deadline 22 octubre, 2020
    LONDON:European Union negotiators headed to London on Thursday to resume Brexit trade talks after Britain called off a boycott, with both sides vowing to work round the clock to seal a deal in the time left.
  • Household debt levels to rise further 22 octubre, 2020
    Household debt levels, already at the highest in 17 years, are expected to rise further, the central bank governor said on Thursday, as the coronavirus pandemic hammers its trade-and tourism-reliant economy.
  • Men arrested with 5.9m meth pills 22 octubre, 2020
    NONTHABURI: Police arrested three men in their 20s in Bang Bua Thong district on Wednesday night and seized 5.9 million methamphetamine pills.
  • Scientists find secret of 'uncrushable' beetle's strength 22 octubre, 2020
    PARIS: Looking like it was forged in apocalyptic fires, the diabolical ironclad beetle has a formidable reputation for being able to withstand being stabbed or run over by a car.
  • Brazilian dies in COVID-19 vaccine trial 22 octubre, 2020
    A volunteer who was taking part in clinical trials of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Brazil has died. The Brazilian health authority has confirmed that the trial will continue. - REUTERS
  • Yellow-clad people gather in Phetchaburi 22 octubre, 2020
    PHETCHABURI: About 2,000 yellow-clad people gathered in Phetchaburi on Thursday, demanding that anti-government protesters stop allegedly making offensive remarks against the royal institution.
  • State of emergency ends in Bangkok 22 octubre, 2020
    Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has revoked his state of severe emergency declaration in Bangkok, and related orders, effective from noon on Thursday, saying the violence that prompted it is over.